The numerous benefits of oriental massage London

With more and more people realising that the answer to a multitude of problems lies in relieving stress, massage as a means of holistic treatment is coming into the limelight. Even of the various techniques that exist, there is strong bent of the Western world that is being noticed towards oriental massage. This is because oriental or Asian techniques do not look at the physical problems superficially.

Restoring harmony within the body

Asian massage techniques have thus been developed around the one principle of restoring balance and harmony within the human body. It is believed that all physiological disorders arise when the essential energies flowing through one’s body is in a state of disharmony. The oriental techniques therefore concentrate on the correction of the flow of energies or “chi” in the body. When the chi is in order, the physical, mental and emotional health of a person is in ship shape, according to Asian philosophies.
With ancient massage techniques being re-invented all across the globe, there are many oriental London parlours that boast of having therapist who have spent years mastering the various techniques of Asian massage. While there a numerous styles and techniques of oriental service that cannot be listed out entirely here, there are certain popular techniques that are finding a lot of takers in the western world.

Popular oriental massage techniques

Some of these are oriental massage are acupressure, Shiatsu Tui Na and Qi Gong. Acupressure is based essentially on finger pressure. Finger pressure is applied to some of the key points that are believed to be the seats of various aches and pains in the body. When acupressure is applied properly, the energies within one’s body are stimulated in a manner so that the body is able to heal itself.

Shiatsu is an oriental massage technique that relies heavily on the intuitive touch of the therapist. When you are in a London parlour you can be sure that a therapist who is well versed in oriental massage London techniques will rely on his experience and intuition to discover the seat of pain and discomfort in your body which is more often than not deep seated.

The therapist will then use the techniques of massage that are slow and sustained and are interspersed with joint rotations and stretches. Shiatsu is an Asian technique that is known to be very helpful for treating the various problems that we face today because of stress. A lot of people suffering from chronic pains have testified to the fact that age old problems have disappeared thanks to the application of the ancient techniques of Shiatsu by oriental massage London specialists.

Another popular technique of oriental service that is used quite often by oriental massage London is based on Tui Na. There are 365 movements of Tui Na that include pressing, rubbing shaking and manipulation in order to control and regulate the energy flow in a manner that it heals existing problems and prevent further diseases. Qi Gong is another oriental technique that is similar to Tui Na and incorporates breathing and mediation as well.
Oriental techniques have mostly been derived from China. The Chinese are considered to be one of the oldest civilizations that exist in the world that have sustained a lot of their traditional healing methods. Though there have been modifications that have been made to the various Asian techniques over the years, the basic principles remain the same, just as they were many thousands of years ago.
Many years of practice later, ancient Chinese medicine men had discovered that there were certain points in the human body that controlled the functioning of various organs. Since then techniques were developed to apply the healing touch to these points in such a manner that balance of energies was restored and the body healed itself. This holds true for the many methods of oriental massage practiced till date.

When you go to an oriental massage London parlour, you can be rest assured that common ailments such as headaches, back aches, depression, insomnia, arthritis and the other everyday disorders that you suffer from will disappear. Not just that oriental techniques have been known to benefit many who are recuperating from serious medical conditions and surgeries.